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Asparagus, Matjes, Goose, Kale, Maischolle, Mehlbüdel, Schwarzsauer, Holstein specialities, Brunch, Christmas, Buffet, Gamba, Mushrooms, Wild

Lienau's Culinary Calendar

Enjoy the seasons - our seasonal offers and promotions

Our culinary calendar "Dat givt dat öbert Johr" is published twice a year and gives an overview of our many seasonal offers, promotion weeks, speciality meals and theme buffets.

If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal and look forward to your reservation on 04122 / 9871-0.

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Tel.: +49412298710

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bis Ende Juli

Neuer Matjes

04. bis einschl. 12 Juli



18. Aug. bis 04. Sep.


08. Sep. bis 02. Okt.

Badisch-Schwäbische Wochen

06. Okt. bis 30. Okt.


Culinary calendar

Our culinary calendar is published twice a year. Here is a PDF to view & download. 

Receive our culinary calendar regularly.

We are happy to send you our semi-annual culinary calendar regularly and free of charge by post. Do not miss any appointments anymore.

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